The Parable of the Blood Moon

Posted On: Oct 12, 2015

Life everlasting is like the blood moon. During the total eclipse of the moon, a full moon passes into the shadow of the earth. As the eclipse becomes total, the moon takes on a deep reddish hue. The moon then returns to being full as the earth's shadow passes away.

This is the meaning of the parable

The moon before the eclipse is the heart of  innocent man who enjoyed the fellowship and approval of God who is represented by the sun (Gen.1:31). This of course happened only in the Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and Eve (Gen.3:8). The darkening moon is the condition off the heart of every man now that sin has entered the world (Rom.5:12). The red represents the blood of Jesus Christ who was sent from heaven to die for the sins of the world on Calvary's cross (1 Pet.1:19-20). The full moon after the eclipse represents those hearts who have been washed in that blood (Rev.1:5) and thereby restored to a full relationship with God (1Jn.1:7)---enabling them to give testimony about life everlasting in Christ by reflecting the absent sun to the dark and dying world (Eph.5:8).

By Steve Popovich
Steve Popovich regularly writes on his website where presents in hymns, blog posts and bible commentary, truth of the only true God. A picture is worth a thousand words...even to God.

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